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Grade A CEU Renewal Workshop - Cedar Falls

Tuesday, January 22
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
HCC, 5330 Nordic Drive-Room 111, Cedar Falls
Cost: FREE

This 5-hour NO cost workshop is offered in conjunction with the Iowa DNR for Grade A Water CEU Renewal.

Topics include: 
     1.  Grade A Permits - Back to Basics
     2.  Chapter 81 - Fundamentals
     3.  Lab and Sampling - Hands-on
          a.  Disinfection
          b.  Bac-T
          c.  Lead and Copper
          d.  Ammonia and Nitrate
          e.  Calibration
     4.  Administrative
          a.  Record Keeping
          b.  Storage of Official Documents
          c.  MOR's
          d.  Electronic Reporting

Instructor:  Phil Propes

** Your Public Water System (PWS) name and ID number is required when registering